Graduate Testimonials

“What I enjoyed the most about the training was it was literally AppSec from the ground up. I don't work as an AppSec Engineer on my 8-5. This course gave me a realistic expectation and various scenarios I'd encounter in the day to day life of an AppSec engineer. It was really Tanya speaking from a place of experience and I felt like she was sharing it with me. The exercises and homework provided helps me be able to return back to my boss and lets me start getting into implementing the content in the course practically.”


“I was building an AppSec program and went to a few workshops but it always boiled down to “OWASP Top 10 = bad, this is XSS” Ended up disappointed ‘cuz there wasn’t anything I could use. Until I took the AppSec course from We Hack Purple which actually provided real value. So if you want to get into AppSec I highly recommend her online talks to get to know AppSec better and take her course if you want to seriously pursue a career in AppSec.”


“This course is actually phenomenal. This course makes it so it's not theoretical, it directly applies. That's the holy grail of certification/education”


“Things I learned from We Hack Purple AppSec Foundations: incident management, keeping an inventory of all the systems you've been assigned to, triaging what frameworks/stacks is each one running on, and the best part was building rep with the development team. I work as a software engineer on my day to day job so it really refreshing seeing what the security side needs to know and how I can be helpful to them in my role.”


“I'd been trying to learn Application Security topics on my own, but Tanya's (We Hack Purple) Application Security Fundamentals course made a lot of topics much clearer to me and helped me to understand what to prioritize when building an AppSec program. The lessons are short and easily "digestible" so that you can stop and resume as needed, without feeling like you have forgotten something. I really appreciated her perspective from both sides (Security and Developer) because having both perspectives, she is able to teach you how to best communicate most effectively. I highly recommend the course - and the book is absolutely essential! I am so glad to have it as a reference, and I will refer to it often in my new position (which I wouldn't have had the courage to go for without the knowledge that this course provided.)”


“I enjoyed having a full-depth introduction to the world of Application Security. Although I already work in AppSec, seeing these concepts in a formatted way is not something I’ve seen before, and I learned a lot.”


“Your course has helped me understand a lot of things that I was totally unaware of and Tanya’s energy and enthusiasm made it look so easy.”


““What I learned” Developer Education is key - creating awareness amongst the developer will really help in baking in security from the start. Metrics provide validation on how well the security posture of an organization is and its a must to help gauge where the organization stands and also helps in building a case with the management to get the security dollars and show them the value being provided.”