Learn the basics of API Security from Tanya Janca!

This course has move to here: https://academy.semgrep.dev/courses/api-security-mini-course

Course curriculum

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    API Security

    • Overview of this mini-course

    • What is an API?

    • What are API's?

    • Automated API testing tools

    • Inventory your API's

    • API Gateways Explained

    • Logging, Alerting and Monitoring your API's

    • Error Handling and Logging

    • Block HTTP methods and Commands

    • What is a Service Mesh

    • We should have API standards too

    • What is Linting?

    • Authenticating API's

    • Error Messages with your API's

    • Decommission Older Versions

    • Mobile API's vs App API's

    • API Security Best Practices

    • Additional API tips and Tricks